Monday, February 25, 2008

GW makes more cash, accepts less AP credit

The Hatchet reported this morning that GW will reduce the number of credit hours students will be eligible to receive for high scores on Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams:
More high school students are taking AP exams, and scores on the exams have increased this year, according to statistics from the College Board. In response, the University's Council of Deans decided to accept 24 AP or International Baccalaureate credits from freshmen, down from 30 in previous years.
Their reasoning?

Associated Vice President for Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs framed the decision in the context of making sure that "receiving a GW degree truly means receiving a GW-quality education."

This is in light of "public school students achieving higher scores."

But there is something more going on here. Reducing the number of credits from 30 to 24, increases tuition by $7,842.

Even more so it reduces the likelihood that high-achieving students will have the opportunity to graduate in 3 years rather than 4. In doing so, students can count on paying more for their undergraduate degree at the expense of a graduate education.

Do 6 credits really make a difference in the "quality" of education students will receive? Absolutely not.

As the fat cats in Rice Hall get fatter, students can count on scrimping some dollars by eating a little less and shelling out more for tuition than ever before.


Sarah said...

Forget about studying abroad with this new system. You have to fight tooth and nail as it is to get those credits count. I'd bet five bucks that the number of 5-year graduates, but all my money's going to GW at the moment ...

Joshua said...

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