Friday, February 8, 2008

What the Hatchet isn't doing about GW's outlandish price tag

In yet another trite and halfhearted attempt to address the issue of GW's outrageous price tag, the Hatchet editorializes that affordability "seems to be the natural next step" for University President Stephen Knapp.
In a year marked by changes in leadership and goals, a move toward more
affordability seems to be the natural next step.

How about "must be"? Or at the very least "should be"? Is this supposed to be an editorial or a news story?

I take offense at the lack of guts, or at the very least spunk, in the Hatchet's opinion section. The paper purports to have been independent from the university since 1904, so maybe it's time the editor-in-chief start utilizing the so-called mouthpiece of the student body to seriously address pressing concerns of students and stop being a lap dog for the administration.

The cost of attending GW is OUTRAGEOUS. And it deserves the unfavorable media attention it receives. The state of financial aid is even more disheartening. Loans aren't "significant" financial aid as the Hatchet may want you to think- no matter how you slice it. They have to be paid back, remember?

If GW wants to have the "reputation" it "deserves" as the Hatchet puts it, maybe they should stop worrying so much about how other institutions and the media perceives them and start caring about the students who actually go here.

Hmmm, that's a thought- a student newspaper and university administration concerned about the students that support them rather than the way other people think about them.

Affordability isn't about increasing GW's reputation. It's about providing an excellent education for a fair and reasonable price for students. Let's stop worrying what others think about us and start taking care of our own.

Don't be afraid to incite some controversy over an issue that is in desperate need of attention.

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