Tuesday, May 6, 2008

R.I.P Laser Show (and hopefully CI) for good

According to The Hatchet, GW administrators will make a dramatic overhaul to Colonial Inauguration (CI), the university's freshman orientation that takes place five times over the course of each summer:
The freshman orientation program will have fewer "bells and whistles" for the incoming freshman class and the savings will be reallocated to other programs designed for freshmen, said Robert Chernak, vice president for student and academic support services.
Well, this blogger says it's about time. Congratulations Chernak, I guess you're smarter than we thought.

What scares me is the fact that the old farts over in Rice Hall just caught-on. I'm shocked that it took said fogies more than 10 years to figure out that a $75,000 laser light show is not only unnecessary, but a completely ineffective way to attract students to their institution of higher learning.

I mean come on, a laser show? We're college students. There is not a doubt in my mind that students would have been more impressed (and had a way better time) had the money been spent on 1,875 kegs or at the very least, a second-rate band.

I'm glad to see that the carnival, formerly known as our humiliating excuse for a college orientation (or simply CI), will no longer include the "horse and buggy rides, caricaturists or free parent breakfasts" that have been offered in previous years.

Maybe next they'll realize how obnoxious and dizzying all the singing and jumping is. Until they do, GW is going to rot on the list of second tier universities. Get serious and spend my tuition money on what I came here for: an education.


Basketmaker said...

Good Point. And again, good point. I loved my CI experience, but my parents didn't come and I missed the laser lights show. Right there I missed a bulk of the mandatory orientation fee. I hope that CI will spend less time and money swelling the egos of the cabinet members and put a little more into the substance at CI, like choosing classes and housing. That being said, the glamour of CI can't go away completely, it just needs to be re-evaluated.

Anonymous said...

long overdue....why should there be a laser light show when beginning music programs are cut?