Thursday, July 17, 2008

My CI 3 experience...

was incredible.

So that I don't run you through the entire schedule of events, because chances are you've already been to it (sorry, I was on vacation for the past few weeks!), I'll give you the most meaningful things that I took from it.
  1. The Activities Fair
  2. The "what's the deal with" lectures
  3. CI at Night

The Activities Fair was the most meaningful activity I attended, for one main reason. Everything you could possibly get involved in was scattered throughout a few rooms of the Marvin Center, and it was your job to find what you were interested in. Most importantly, you have the oppurtunity to sign up to receive information from the clubs without actually needing to commit to them yet. I signed up for a bunch of the clubs I wanted information on, and in retrospect, I've already decided on about half of them that definitely aren't for me. But it was totally worth it, if not to get information on the clubs at GW, simply to understand what we have been told all along: GW really has something for everyone.

The "What's the deal with...?" lectures are VERY informative. Basically, they are short lectures on the second day on a bunch of different topics that we will need to know about in the upcoming years- Technology, Study Abroad, Move-in, Jobs/Internships, etc. I attended two of them and learned a lot about my work-study job for next year and move-in day.

Lastly, CI at Night. CI at Night is the evening activities in which we were given a chance to bond with the CI Cabinet and really explore the city. It was at this point when I realized that next year is going to be an absolute blast, being in a great city with some of the best people.

Basically, CI was spectacular. The people are great, the activities are fun, and it is an overall informative experience.

The highlight of my CI experience would have to be when CI Cabinet member Joe Buono was giving the lecture at the floor meeting about not drinking and ended it with "and if you need any more reason not to drink, don't get drunk because Megan Cunningham will take pictures of you and post them on GWblogspot." Thanks Joe- people avoided me like the plague for the next 2 days. Just kidding.

See ya!

PS. Room assignments in 5 days! :)


Logan said...

Never let Joe Buono lecture you on alchohol consumption.

Megan Cunningham (Guest Blogger) said...

Hahahah, that's great... at least what Joe said scared us all shitless. Whoever gave the speech in Madison must not have been too assertive because some girl ended up in Emerge and will be attending the University of Delaware next year..

Noel said...

Dang, I didn't know what actually happened to her. That has gotta be rough. Well comes to show they weren't playin.

less than 24 hours till roommate assignments! haha