Thursday, January 31, 2008

And I Expected Civilized Discourse

I'm trying to end this whole casual political nihilism thing I currently have going so I've been actively trying to attend events that insult my big-city freedom hating tendencies to remind myself that there are things that are worth fighting for (or voting against as the case may be). I think the genesis of my apathy is the student body at GW (umm... sorry, not you guys... you seem pretty cool) simply I find the the Liberal kids and just as obnoxious and narrow minded as the Conservative ones. So upon opening the Hatchet I was beyond psyched to see what appeared to be a liberal student (I go to GW, it's a natural reaction) defending the upcoming Ann Coulter event on campus.

I recognize that some at this institution may disagree with her opinions. However, no one student or organization has a monopoly on who may speak at GW.

Heck yeah, the free exchange of ideas in an unregulated "marketplace". Me, you, and Ron Paul should get coffee later... What else have you got?

Students should not come to an immediate unfavorable conclusion about a conservative speaker because it is the progressive thing to do around campus.

Okay... I mean yeah. That is true and maybe that "progressive" comment is totally innocuous and I am just reading it wrong. And, you know maybe the following lines about "Islamo-Fascist or Islamo-Extremist or Islamo-Jihadist" and "liberal lunatics" are simply present for the assonance and alliteration respectively?

Coulter thrives on a well-founded debate, but usually liberals don't want to do anything but throw pies and run.

And I quit. Who is this helping? Why is the Hatchet publishing this? Yes, maybe Ann Coulter has some legitimate points to raise that would fall on the deaf ears of the liberal students at GW, so explain why people should be listening don't just asure us that

From an intellectual side, speakers such as David Horowitz and Ann Coulter clearly win the debate

I wish I could say that that had been taken out of context but it was not. As a reader all I now know is that no one should even bother arguing with David Horowitz because "the debate" has ended long ago. All this piece said was that I was an idiot for doubting conservative thinkers. I'm glad Ann Coulter is coming as regardless of my personal opinions as it's nice to have a view that is the polar opposite of my own. But how could this possibly be seen as the reasonable way of encouraging people to come? Vague claims about someone being objectively correct and the opposing thinkers being "lunatics" doesn't help your cause.

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