Thursday, January 31, 2008

GW Must Like Even Numbers - Why Else Would We Need a 10th CVS?

GW wants to put yet another CVS on campus to fill the vacant spot left by the demise of Tower Records at the 2000 Penn shopping center, according to this article from The Hatchet and this post on their blog.

Really? Does GW really need another CVS? Already there are 4 versions of the convenience store I would consider "on campus," and another 5 that accept GWorld. For non-math majors, that's 9 CVS stores for GW!

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According to The Hatchet, the SA (rightly) pushed for a Barnes & Noble, but were told there wasn't enough space to accommodate the book megastore. Most likely, however, the real reason is GW doesn't want to give students an easy alternative to the school's own outrageous bookstore prices.

Apparently there are other companies in the hat, but GW won't tell us whom. This secrecy seems a little uncalled for, particularly given university spokesperson Tracy Schario says the administration is looking for the "business [that] will best serve the neighborhood and student needs."
That said, I think she pretty much sums up GW's attitude to the affair:

"Will we actively seek input from the student body? No. Are there mechanisms for student input? Yes."
Really? You don't want input from the student body? Yet again, GW plans to decide what's best for students and Foggy Bottom, the same way it did when reforming J Street.

Let's be honest, GW is going to do whatever is best for GW. J Street's reforms were never about providing a better environment/options/whatever else for students, they were about guaranteeing Sodexho money.

Supposedly students aren't completely disenfranchised, however. These "mechanisms", according to The Hatchet, are to "approach the Student Association dining services committee [or] a member of University President Steven Knapp's office."

My question is, "Who?" Who are students supposed to contact to voice their input? Which "member" of Knapp's office?

Well, some quick research brought up this feedback form for Dining Services. Also, you can call Knapp's office at 202-994-6500.

Don't let GW to tell us what's best for us, yet again. Comment and tell GW what you think is best for you in the comments!

(Image from Nick Gingold)


Dana said...

I would have wanted something more practical like a grocery store. Or a Marc Jacobs.

Nicole said...

I couldn't agree more, particularly because there is a CVS on 19th and Penn. For non-geography majors that's a whopping block and a half from the projected venue of the new one.

Not that the university wants my input or anything...