Monday, May 3, 2010

GW Students for GWorld x SmarTrip

After two weeks, more than 250 people have joined our Facebook group "We want SmarTrip on our GWorld Cards!" and we are continuing to gain support from many students.

More than its mere quantitative progress, however, our group project members would like to share some of the comments that we received from the students who signed the petition. 

Many students, as we had anticipated, showed their support for better convenience and accessibility that this initiative could bring in. 
Save me the hassle, time and cash. I think it would be so easy and efficient and a great selling point for the school to tell parents and kids.
Given that GW is so immersed in DC, so many locales are best accessed by metro. As a result, I think it would be very effective to have SmarTrip integrated into GWorld.  
It would make economical sense because of the smartrip plan, along with making our lives much easier by having everything all on one card instead of having to deal with multiple flimsy and easily lost metro tickets.
At the same time, GW students have commented on American University's recent project to include SmarTrip on their student ID cards.
Our location is way more convenient for the Metro than American; let's be more convenient than American when it comes to SmarTrip! 
If American University can do it, why can't GW?
Please join our cause, and sign the petition to express your support for a GWorld card with a SmarTrip capability.


Anonymous said...

For the love of God...why is everyone assuming the administration is completely ignoring the possibility of SmarTrip integration? It wasn't announced til recently that there'll be a new GWorld in the first place.

And seriously, the Facebook campaigns are overdone. It lost its effectiveness as soon as it was used as a means for completing an assignment for a class.

Alexander said...

Umm, Anonymous: voicing support for something is not the same as assuming opposition. Duh.

Why is everyone who comments on this blog so intolerably stupid?