Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Little More Senior Reflection

This week was the snow make-up week and I attended four out of the seven classes I had. Monday was a no-brainer; Thursday I had an exam and a presentation; but Friday was different. Friday was my last day. My last day ever to go to a class. Did I pay attention? Not really. Did I play on my computer? Kind of. Did I sit with my friends and revel in the fact that we were finished with our undergraduate lives? Yes.

What do I do now? Sure, I have another exam and three papers left to write. However, I'm talking about the bigger picture. I, like Senioritis, face unemployment and homelessness (alright, a bit of an exaggeration with my internship and sublet), and freak out when I think about graduating. We're kind of on our own, but after finishing classes yesterday, I am finally starting to look forward to it.

While GW student may complain (a lot) about the University and its shortfalls (housing, Fix-It, food, partying and school spirit), we have been given way more opportunities. As I visited state universities and envied their fun, I wondered if I could re-do college I would change my choice. Today? No. At the beginning of the semester all of my classes discussed our current internships and future aspirations, and it's astounding how privileged and connected we are. There is no doubt that GW students have it made.

We stormed the White House after Obama's election. We attended Inauguration. We work for the Hill and their press. We hang out on the Mall and the Lincoln Memorial is in on our backyard. We might not be in a hurry to get out to the real world, but we're ready.


Anonymous said...

"'s astounding how privileged and connected we are."

It's astounding that you go to an insanely expensive school where you can meet other rich people? Yes. Shocking that there might be other rich people at your school that costs more than my house. SHOCKING.

Get out of your own ass.

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