Sunday, August 10, 2008


After reading all of the controversial comments on Kayla Howe's most recent blog post, I came across a comment from anonymous that said: "I liked gwblogspot a lot better before it was overrun by incoming freshman who are desperately clinging to their ideal picture of college life. Its amusing to see how misguided they are, but its also getting a bit tedious. I don't think I'll visit this blog anymore if there's one more entry which can be summed up as 'I'm excited for college!'"

So, I decided I'd find something different to blog about. On GWBlogspot, we've already covered the most recent news: the transition to our new email server, the new CI, moving, and the excitement for school beginning. So just as I found myself wondering what else there is to blog about, my phone vibrated as an email came through.  It happened to be from "AlertDC", informing me of a power outage that had affected a few houses in Adams Morgan.

Basically, if you don't have AlertDC sending you either texts or emails, check it out.  It's awfully useful for transportation updates, city-wide celebrations, road blocks, weather, and more.

See you all soon!


Tim S said...

I do love AlertDC ... but it can be annoying. Especially when they send Thunderstorm warnings as its raining, or tell you about random road closures.

And just last week they lied -- they sent out two messages regarding a "water main break" which caused a power outage in Columbia Heights. WASA issued a press release later stating that their was not actually a water main break - just a value failure, and that the incident had nothing to do with the power outage (which PEPCO confirmed).

either way -- i think its a great system, id rather be over-informed than not at all.

Anonymous said...

Alert: Tim S. is a well known "water crisis denier." Please do not believe anything he says that trivializes water main breaks and other mass flows of water.

Anonymous said...

alertDC always keeps me up to date on how many people got shot in trinidad for the day or what type of drugs are being sold in anacostia. what would i do with out it??

Megan Cunningham (Guest Blogger) said...

That's interesting about Trinidad or Anacostia, I've never gotten any updates except on issues in the district. I should probably get signed up for whatever AlertDC you have!

And Tim, you're a water crisis denier?!?! Kidding. I definitely feel you on the annoying thing. As much as the dramatic "Severe Weather Warnings" every day annoy me, I just delete them if I feel they're not pertinent. The "street reopening" one on Tuesday was a bit of help, though :)

Thanks for reading!!

Anonymous said...

Trinidad and Anacostia are neighborrhoods in DC, one is NE and one in SE that you should never ever ever visit.

Just stick to NW but don't wander east of 16th street.

Megan Cunningham (Guest Blogger) said...

Hahaha, maybe thats why I've never heard of the two areas. Now I understand the shooting and drug references... luckily, I know where not to adventure now. Thanks!!