Friday, August 15, 2008

USA Today Gives Props To GW

GW gets some well-deserved recognition for it's Greenness:
Students arriving on campus this month are seeing green — and not just from the money they're spending on tuition.

For example, students coming to George Washington University in Washington, D.C., will start their school year with the university's first "Green Move-In."

Rose Dunnegan, the university's property manager, says the program follows the success of last semester's "Green Move-Out." Student and staff volunteers recycled thousands of pounds of clothing, household items, food and "e-cycling" materials, including cellphones, batteries and computer parts, Dunnegan says.

The Green Move-In includes:

•An online check-in system is an alternative to the paper forms usually distributed to students who move into the dorm rooms.

• Laminated posters with maps and campus information will be posted in residence halls instead of being distributed on paper.

• The university's bookstore will sell reusable grocery bags and clothing made from recycled and organic materials.

• Students are encouraged to pack items in reusable containers.

• There will be designated recycling areas for moving boxes.

If you're not a grizzled college graduate like me, take part in the Green Move-In and show some love for your planet.


Anonymous said...

al gore is an idiot.

James said...

I think this is totally well-deserved. Green GW is seriously legit - they even recycle their Natty Light cans and Solo cups of mixed drinks. In all seriousness, they do a great job.

Anonymous said...

fuck natty light

it should go straight off the shelf into the recycling bin