Sunday, September 28, 2008

To call or not to call

I woke up at 3am to hear the sound of crashing glass outside my window.
Actually concerned, I rolled over and opened my half-functional blinds.
A few guys were tossing beer bottles out their 3rd story window and being vulgar and drunk and in college.
I was faced with an ethical dilemma- to call or not to call (UPD).
Because their landing strip was the exact route I take to my Geography class, and since I wear flip-flops religiously (and glass through my shoe would be really unpleasant) I called.
I listened to "Fly me to the moon" and other popular jazz hits as I sat on hold, for three minutes.
I gave up and hung up.
Unfortunately for all of us, the guys refused to shut up and I had to call again. After a minute, I got connected to an officer and left my (at that time) anonymous tip.

Do people actually call UPD? Is it a way for students to help keep our campus safe, or are the people who call just ratting out people for having a good time?

Should students call UPD?
Yes, whenever in doubt, do it.
Not really, just in life or death situations.
No, basically don't. free polls


BaselineAce said...

This is too much of a blanket question. If someone is throwing beer bottles out a window, then you should absolutely call UPD without thinking twice.

Anonymous said...

hell no you souldn't call. in fact you should join in.

Zahin said...

If you're getting annoyed, go for it. Hell, UPD was called on myself and a group of friends because we were playing Mario Party in the basement of Hensley, where someone happens to live. If it doesn't bother you, do what anonymous said.

Emily Berger said...

Appreciate the support zahin, and it sucks that someone called UPD on you for a game of Mario Party. You didn't really get in trouble though, did you?

Zahin said...

Let's just say a deal was made.

Anonymous said...

I called UPD once during a really scary domestic dispute I heard occurring in the room above us. UPD just didn't get it. I clearly said the dorm, the room number, and what was happening... the dispatcher on the other end just kept asking me to repeat myself over and over again. I wasn't even hysterical or anything. But she clearly had not been trained on how to take quick, accurate notes during a potential emergency. Then she kept asking my name, even though I repeatedly told her i would be anonymous. I wasn't too happy.