Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apparently money doesnt matter anymore

Yesterday, as I hope all of you heard about or saw, the bill to put about 700 billion dollars back into our economy failed. Yes, that's right the house of representatives didn't think it necessary to bail out some of then most essential cooperations in our country when they were very clearly and very desperately in a time of need.

After Nancy Palosi, the speaker of the house, gave her speech, magically the votes that were in favor of this very necessary bill started to swtich over to opposed. Both Democrats and Repulicans became so concerned with the minute and irrelivant details that they forgot that if this bill failed, which it did, that there would be almost nowhere else to turn.

The arguments that the banks and markets needed to fix themselves was thrown around a lot as to why some voted "Nay" ont he bill. what they didnt consider though, was the fact that they cannot fix themselves if they aren't given anything, or even worse- dont have anything, to fix the markets with. the reason they need to be fixed and funded is because they have no money to function with. so the solution to their problem would be to somehow generate more money, right? I mean thats only logical thinking, it doesnt take much depth. For some reason though, the house was unaware of logic last night when they failed the $700 billion bailout bill.

The other argument that the media circulated last night was that many of the representatives were voting with the constituencies, whether or not they actually agreed with them we will never know BUT my guess is that they were just trying to get in good with those who "knew what they were doing." Thats not really representing though, is it? No thats being a lost dog following around the person with food NOT listening to your own beliefs and judgments.

so guys, what now?


Anonymous said...

Can't just one blog seriously be just about GW. Don't you all realize that everybody at GW has political views and many people have opposing views.

There are plenty of political blogs. Stick to the reason this blog was founded. To talk about GW, not national politics.


Anonymous said...

I believe The G-Scene and Inside GW are only about GW, unless they started posting about the bailout now too.

Logan said...

It's Pelosi*.

Anonymous said...

Also, its *Corporation.

On a side note, if you pay my children's fair share of this burden on the taxpers... I don't see why not.

Anonymous said...

that is one of the dumbest posts i have ever read. why should ordinary americans be burdened with paying out a $700 billion bailout? why should repsonsible home owners, who bought houses with their means, have to bailout a bunch of idiots who took out mortgages they had no chance of affording? why should the idiot lenders who allowed these people to take out insane subprime or jumbo loans by bailed out?