Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Forget G-Scene/InsideGW, JuicyCampus Is Where Real Gossip Is At

While G-Scene and that kaleidoscope masquerading as a blog claim to have the juiciest gossip at GW, they aren't even close to the stuff that's posted on JuicyCampus, which recently opened its legs doors to GW.

Even though GW was only recently added to the site, you'll already find great dirt like which chicks have the loosest pussies, who at GW is nicknamed "the Urinator", and even which guy has the smallest dick on campus.

And yes, it NAMES NAMES, so you can Facebook these people and maybe have something to talk about if you ever run into them at a party. No more "which GW girl who wears leggings and carries around her Blackberry and has brown hair like totally hooked up with everyone's favorite guy whose dad made a lot of money and now he's looking to blow it on coke and overpriced bottles of Absolut at Lotus??!?!?!?!?"

G-Scene and Inside GW might as well close their doors - or just keep posting event promos for THURSDAYS AT K STREET, because that's all the original content they'll have left.

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Zahin said...

...Not another one. At least this website is a bit more centered around the gossip than the advertising. I'm pretty sure I saw this website on ABCNews or something of that sort. It had scenes of people being pissed off at false rumors being spread on the website.

And by the end of this blog post's life, there will be at least one entry commenting on one of the commenter's (if that's a word) penis size.