Thursday, June 26, 2008

The CI Experience

Colonial Inauguration Session 2. I never thought I'd see the day. You know I'm usually not one to completely go crazy over a topic, but I must admit that CI really did blow my mind. Yeah, I had some awkward introductions (like my first one, where it was completely quiet in an elevator with my family and him) and some cheesy moments (like when we had to get hyped up for the fight song when there wasn't a particular event going on) but the fun you have with the Cabinet (which if you get to know them, they're actually great people outside of the hype) and with the buddies around you (late night visit to G-town) make CI a great experience. I was caught in quite a few situations that put me up to the test, but here are just a few tips to maybe help you take in the GW community:

1. Keep an open mind.
Most likely there aren't people that will fit the "role" you think they fit. Correction: No one there fits an "assumption" of themselves. Especially since this is your first time as a student, make sure you befriend everyone, because they're probably cool people.
2. Enjoy the environment.
From chilling late nights with the cabinet, and talking to friends in another persons dorm, the environment you get there is so much different than that you get in high school.
3. Have fun!
Don't analyze the structure of their schedule or see what you might think is corny or what you might skip. Enjoy everything that is there at GW because aside from the amount of effort in it, it really is pretty fun.

So when you enter your dorm room, find your roommate(s), and meet the cabinet, understand that this will be one of your favorite times of the summer. Because if you can't love this for what it is, a 2.5 days packed with fun/chill/crazy things to do, I assure you, you won't take it in full force. With that being said, do you think you will enjoy CI (did you already?)? and how did you like the cabinet (not just skits, but who they were)? I'm out for now, see you all in the fall!

Noel B.


Anonymous said...

i loved that guy with the moustache

Anonymous said...

i had an amazing time! you have to get used to awkward first introductions but once you find your people you're set. i met sooo many people. make sure to go to Gtown and maybe explore dupont and stuff. stay out late! really - if you go to sleep before 2 you're missing out. have fun everyone! keep an open mind! oh adn the cabinet really are amazing, so talk to them!

AdamGreen said...

This year's incoming freshman definitely appear to be having a good time. The poll on the front of was roughly even across categories before the current rounds of CI much more favorable in the last couple weeks.