Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pre-CI Jitters!

Only a few days away from the start of CI2, the CI I will be attending, I can't help but feel way too many emotions. I'm excited to get down to DC, have some fun, and learn a lot about GW. I fear that maybe CI won't be that great, and I'll have doubts about GW. I'm nervous to meet new people, hoping to meet someone I click with, but also just hoping to actually venture out and talk to people. I'm happy that I'm going down to CI (a night early!) with a few friends from my high school, so that I have at least those 3 friendly faces to be confused and amazed with the whole time. And I'm sad that college orientation helps mark yet another step away from the comfort of tried and true friends, the comfort of high school, and toward the unsure yet full-of-potential 4 years that will be my GW education. Thankfully, the CI Website has all the information you need to scare you, inform you, and fill you with excitement. What are your thoughts? What are your feelings as your CI date gets closer? What are your expectations for CI and what do you plan to do once you're there? Let me know that I'm not alone!


Megan Cunningham (Guest Blogger) said...

I know how you feel. I don't know more than one or two people who will be attending GW in the fall, and I don't know anybody who is going to CI 3. Well, the one person I do know (kind of) is my roommate who I met on one of those "roommate searches" on Facebook a few months ago. I'm meeting her for the first time; talk about nerves! I'm excited to meet new people, stay in the dorms, and to explore DC, but I am nervous about leaving the comfort of high school and my hometown where I have lived all of my life. The thing that calms me down, though, is realizing that pretty much everyone that goes to CI is going to feel the same way. Great post!

noel behailu said...

great post indeed!

i definitely dont know a single person whos going to GW, but I've talked to a few people. I can't wait to see whats in store this weekend. The feeling that you dont know anyone is a good and bad thing, you feel awkward but all for the right reasons. I am pretty outgoing, but my experiences have paid quite a toll on me. I hope I meet a ton of cool people and an awesome roommate, as most people are. I know regardless, everyone will enjoy this experience!