Thursday, June 19, 2008

Relief from the Summer Heat

As much as I love DC summers, the sometimes unbearable weather makes me miss shady NY beaches. To make up for the lack of beaches, I settle for pools. As all GW students know, there's a pool at the Vern. However, as noted by a previous guest blogger, Elizabeth, the Mt. Vernon pool isnt always ideal:
Vern is happening as Foggy Bottom gets increasingly foggier in this blistering heat and GW students (and GW interns) are jumping on the shuttle and heading to the Vern for the wonderful in-ground pool.

And the residents of the Foxhill district have the same idea. GW sells season passes to residents of the area which provides an interesting dynamic. 50% GW, 20% rich Foxhill parents, 30% screaming kids.

So what's the secret alternative? DC public pools. They are free to DC residents (but you don't need ID to get in, so essentially, they are free to everyone), full size, and usually not overcrowded. There's one in Foggy Bottom, 2 blocks up from Trader Joe's, at 2500 N St NW. The hours are Monday - Friday 1-8 (closed on Tuesdays) and Sat-Sun : noon - 6.

It's worth the 5 minute walk from campus, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was only free until they started their full summer hours. Thanks for ruining the secret, now there will be a bunch of gw kids fighting for the chairs just like everyone else. : )