Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Speaking at CI

So I don't know if anyone who went to kickoff could tell, but I got a chance to have about 5 or so minutes to speak at opening. It was beyond fun, although I was nervous like no tomorrow. I've got to ask though, anyone not like what I said or wish I said something else?

After being on cabinet last year and being S.A. President now, I kinda feel like this ball full of GW knowledge.

So let me ask y'all this- what do you want to hear from someone speaking at CI?

I'm a man of the people :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I couldn't even tell you were seemed really calm actually just good job hiding it. I enjoyed what you spoke about and you seemed really inviting so just keep doing what you are doing. That's my best advice

Anonymous said...

Your speech was great!

Anonymous said...

you were amazing!

the best speaker of day 1!

ps, did u get my voicemail?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait

I have CI tomorrow!