Friday, January 23, 2009

Was GW Inaugural Float Worth Price Tag?

The GW Hatchet estimated last week that putting together the university's inaugural float would cost around $88,000 in total, roughly $3,000 more than was initially allotted in the school's budget.

The expectation was that the project's hefty fee would prove its worth by generating good press and attracting future students to the university. Unfortunately, the float was featured on Fox News only briefly and was not shown by CNN or MSNBC. 

Student Association President Vishal Aswani praised the float in last week's Hatchet and did not seem to sweat it's cost:
"I think this project is a success in a thousand different ways you can look at it," Aswani said. "For us to creep over the $85,000 mark does not make that much of a difference to us."
But when people did look at the float, they were genuinely confused.

The Washington Post's David Nakamura writes, "Not since Izzy of the Atlanta Olympics fame has a design been as hard to figure out as George Washington University's inaugural float." 

The GW Hatchet's editorial writer was similarly unimpressed:
The design has been called everything from messy to downright bizarre. It included many elements that were meant to represent different aspects of GW. However, the hodgepodge result was confusing not only for people unfamiliar with GW, but it also left students scratching their heads.
See the float's design here, complete with a detailed explanation of its many parts. (Note: the large balloon globe featured in the design concept ripped before the event and was replaced by the American flag. Tell that to the Daily Colonial!)

Watch video of the float and GW students participating in the parade below:

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James said...

If it had actually been on TV, then it would have been justified. That's probably cheaper than if they'd run a commercial during the parade.

DC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JanaB said...

Deplorable. Unacceptable. You stole my idea about writing about the Float. . . I am still going to be writing about it :) I will take a different approach. What a joke. Typical GW. . .

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