Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Battle Cupcake in Georgetown

Unless you've been living without any newspapers or conversation for the past few weeks, you've surely heard that a new cupcake bakery (or as I like to call them, cupcakery) has opened in Georgetown. It's called Georgetown Cupcake.

What they lack in creativity regarding naming, Georgetown Cupcake more than makes up for in hype (which takes place mostly on the DC-specific blogosphere). My roommates and I have had several endless conversations regarding Georgetown Cupcake. Finally, after hearing the hype and the praise and the "why stand in line for a three dollar cupcake", I had to try to it.

I've since been to Georgetown Cupcake twice. Both times, I stood in line for about 15 minutes. The first time I went, the flavors had pretty much run out, but on my second visit, I was innundated with flavors. I've had the vanilla vanilla (vanilla cake with white icing) and the bubblegum pink (chocolate cake with pink icing, though no bubblegum flavor). I've enjoyed both flavors. What Georgetown Cupcake has going for it is the icing. I personally don't enjoy icing that is too sweet, and I don't like tons of globs of icing on my cake. Georgetown Cupcake's icing is sort of globuous, and there is a lot of icing per part of cake. But the icing is based with cream cheese (or sour cream, I'm a few cupcakes away from figuring out the secreat ingredient). It is gloriously tasty and worth $3.15.

But alas, there is a competitor in Georgetown! A sneaky little cupcakery called Baked and Wired. Baked and Wired has actually been arund longer than Georgetown Cupcake. In the spirit of fairness, I tried Baked and Wired this weekend.

It was good.

Yes, it had the dreaded sweet-enough-to-launch-me-into-a-diabetic-coma icing. But the icing was not globbed on, and there was enough cake to balance the icing. The cake was also dense and moist. Yes, it hit the spot for $3.85.

So the winner of Battle Cupcake? For me, it's Georgetown Cupcake.

But, wait, there's a vegan cupcakery in my neighborhood? I'll have to stop in this weekend...

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Basketmaker said...

So I've heard about this before and I've never had the time to find it. Now that you've made me hungry, I'm definitely going next week.