Saturday, May 3, 2008

Schenley, Burning

The pictures pretty much tell the story. As mentioned in the Hatchet article about the event, the alarm was a bit hard to hear. I was on the 8th floor at the time, and the alarm sounded as if it was coming in through the window from a different building.

I waited a minute or two to see if the alarm would turn off, thinking it was a malfunction or a drill, then headed for the stairs at the persuasion of a friend. Looking down the stairwell, I saw a faint haze of smoke toward the lower floors, which got a lot thicker as I got closer to the lobby.

UPD was in a frenzy trying to make sure everyone was safely out of the building. Having never observed UPD acting in an emergency situation, it's comforting to know that they can spring into action and take control of situations quickly. Even though it wasn't the largest of fires, running up the smoke filled stairwell of a burning building isn't something I think I'd like in my job description, so I have a new appreciation for what UPD does for us around campus.

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