Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer! Wait…summer?

So, as someone who is probably one of the first people to be home so far this summer, I came upon a realization. Doing nothing sucks! I’ve been home for 32 hours now, I haven’t brushed my teeth once and I haven’t left the house. Being the true GW student that I am, I have a problem with that.

What’s different for me than some other people is that I’m only home for two weeks. How can a GW student manage a summer away from the fast-paced Washington lifestyle?

Rising Senior Stacy Farrar from Chattanooga, TN said if she were home she’d

“work in this smoothie shop downtown, read a lot, and probably take bartending lessons.”

As a double major in international affairs and geography, her summer job with the American Association of Geographers in DC and her French class a GW suit her interests way more than a summer at home.

Rising Junior Seth McElroy sees the next few months a little differently than others. The Pennsylvania native will be working at Steps to a Healthier Fayette County, which as a public health major, is right up his ally.

“I’m sure I’ll be a little board, but looking forward right now, I feel like I can come up with a bunch of things to keep me occupied” McElroy said.

Graduating senior Erin Sousa reflected on her past summers while at GW.

“I went home between my freshman and sophomore years and it was nice at first. But after being at school, your parents asking where you are and such, gets old!” Sousa said. “You just have so much more freedom at school so although it's nice to go home on occasion, being able to be in DC and do everything you don't have time to do during the year is an amazing opportunity.”

With 12 more days at home, I’m content for now. But I’m excited about returning to DC for my second summer there. has their own summer suggestions and one girl tells her summer plan story in detail. I’m curious to know what you’ll be doing this summer? Home? DC? Abroad? Tell me about in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

My recommendation to all those staying in DC for the summer is to take advantage of everything and make much as you say you'll go to that museum or take that won't. So write it down and don't let yourself forget!

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with the post. After spending one summer in DC, I can never go home for the summer again to live with my parents!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's great to get out of DC. I've spent the past two years in the city with no more than 10 days away for Christmas. I'm looking forward to getting out the city (and country). Spending the summer abroad is another viable alternative to avoiding the miseries of returning home.

Anonymous said...

Last summer in DC was unforgettable, and I'm sure this one will be too! I totally agree with the first post---it's definitely a good idea to make lists of everything you want to do and allow yourself time to explore things that you never got around to during the year.

Anonymous said...

three words -- INTERN SEASON, BABY! -- forget the museums. head to hawk'n'dove thursdays for some scantily clad congressional interns. you won't be sorry

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted last is right, INTERN season. Take advantage of those kids who go to other schools. If you have someone and want to enjoy DC over the summer, then by all means take advantage of the city. You can't do it during the school year so why not go to museums galore? It gets humid as hell in the city but PLEASE don't let that hinder your potential activities. This is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world...ENJOY!!!!

Anonymous said...

"three words -- INTERN SEASON, BABY! -- forget the museums. head to hawk'n'dove thursdays for some scantily clad congressional interns. you won't be sorry"

Three letters: Y-E-S

GWBlogSpotAdmin said...

Obviously, we have an untapped sketch-community reading this blog. What other topics would you folks like written about during the summer?

Anonymous said...

How about that terribly cute girl pictured in the article?

dcpeg said...

I hope Seth doesn't turn into a "little board" -- he'd be way too stiff. Now being "bored" at home, makes sense because DC rocks!

To all you youngins' staying here,enjoy DC with us full-timers.