Sunday, May 10, 2009

80 Million Strong

As GWU students we’re well aware of the cost young adults have to face while attending college. While GWU may be generous with its financial aid packages, the reality is that many students graduate with debt.

Last week I had the chance to attend the launch of the 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs Coalition, a group of organizations that are looking to tackle issues that affect the millennial generation. The group takes its name from the statistic that the millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, is comprised of approximately 80 million Americans.

Their first goal? Making progress on issues related to college students including unemployment, student loans, health care, and credit card debt.

Not worried about the economy? Consider facts that coalition members continued to mention:

  • Unemployment among people ages 16-24 is nine points higher than the national average
  • Recent graduates average $27,00 in undergraduate student loan debt, $70,000 for law school students, and over $100,000 for medical school students
  • Young Americans have been targeted for “easy credit” scams, and average over $2000 in credit card debt by the age of 24. That debts more than doubles among young adults ages 25-34
  • Thirty percent of young people are uninsured, the highest of any age groups
Matthew Segal, the executive director of Student Association for Voter Empowerment, summarized the situation by saying:
The millennial generations is in a precarious state.
Times are certainly tough, and jobs are certainly on the minds of numerous students as well approach commencement weekend. The coalition is seeing to unite young people and empower them to join the debate in tackling these issues.

Interested in joining in the conversation about young people and the economy? Head to the 88 Million Strong website. If you’re really interested in these issues you want to make note of their National Summit and Lobby Days on July 17th and 18th.


Anonymous said...

What, no facebook group?

Bored said...

And where's Daniel Wolman with the idiotic criticism of students who are in finals anyways?

Anonymous said...

We definitely have a Facebook group - search 80 Million Strong!