Friday, May 8, 2009

Tell the SA to update its website

The 2008-2009 Student Association senate term is over. It has been over for more than a week at this point. Yet the website, which isn't very user friendly to begin with, has yet to be updated. If the newly elected SA is really committed to changing its image in the upcoming year and being "transparent" they should start with something as simple, as allowing students to see who their representatives are. 

According to the SA Constitution, Senators
"shall serve a regular term commencing on the day preceding the first day of the spring semester reading week in the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences."
The first day of reading week this semester was May 1st. 

In addition, the JEC website does not give a list of election results. The site instructs users to go to the "candidate info" page, which then links you to the "certified election results" which then links you to a page that has no information. 

It isn't hard to do and as student representatives, it is their duty. Why can't the SA get its act together??


Anonymous said...

I have a good idea. Let's make a website where all we do is complain about stuff! We want this! We want that! We want facebook groups! We haven't been four years old for quite some time so it'll be fun to act like it again. Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

I think this site started out better, more entertaining. Talking about internships and just the student life overall....but somehow now it's all about Facebook groups and new causes that never get accomplished. It should be a commentary on the school and the students ...not let's do shit to put it on our resume and to show how great activists we are. I still don't see Qdoba or Chiptole in J about you go through with something and get it done, not start twenty things at once?

I'd want some commentaries on maybe graduate school options, what students are doing now that they're heading into the real world with this economy, some information about classes that are not being offered, professors, some cool events coming up, discussion about financial aid next year.....STOP trying to be activists you're just pissing me off.

Anonymous said...

You might also want to remember that as student representatives they are, above all, STUDENTS. I assume that they are responsible for the maintenance of the site and for updating it and in that case they probably haven't had TIME to update it. They are students just like us. They need to study, they need to write papers and take exams just like we do. They need to pass classes so that they can stay in school and continue to represent us.

Take a chill pill and get off their backs before they have even begun.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you join the SA and do something about it instead of just sitting around and complaining, Wolman?

Are you really complaining about the SA website right now? You think thats the most important thing you could be doing?

Dissapointed in Daniel Wolman said...

This is just downright ridiculous and pathetic. Are you some freshman who has been listening to the Hatchet too much and has too much time on their hands? First off, one of the Anon's is right in saying that this site used to be good. You all used to write about DC, internships, events on campus, all that. Now though, you all are writing about facebook groups for the dumbest things. Why do we need a facebook group and a petition for snacks in Gelman? You all seems act as though you're so self entitled to everything and I just find it funny. If you want an apple when you're at Gelman then go buy one!

As for this, cut the SA some slack. They have exams, work to do, all that. These kids are students first and no, unlike you, they won't put writing on some stupid site over their education.

Maybe you should ask the SA to be their webmaster. At least then you'll be proactive and will make a difference instead of hiding behind your blog.

Where's your E-petition to get the SA to update their site?

Whoa Now said...

I hope Adam Green gives you a bad grade

Mrs. Wolman said...

Daniel, you ruined my Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

why don't you kids get a life. GW blogspot should be renamed "GW let's ask for shit and start a facebook group" Why don't you stupid kids join a group and quit hiding behind a keyoard.

Jill said...

you s
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Anonymous said...


You are just a dog chasing a car. That's all you ever will be if you post stuff like that. Hey, I've got a good idea. How about we petition your REMOVAL from this website.

topical use only said...

probably the websites not updated for the same reason your TWITTER isn't upated, FINALS ANYONE?!?!

I'm pretty sure you're gonna be eating your words by august when the site matters and class with be in session, and the website will be up and running and effective,
more effective and productive then your blog atleast

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