Monday, May 4, 2009

UPDATE: A great response!

Erik Ashida, SA Senator and member of the Dining Services Commission sent me a quick email last night! This is a good sign, people!

His email said:
If you'd like to continue working on this issue next year, I'd suggest you contact Kim Neu, the incoming Chair of the Dining Services Commission. Ultimately, any effort to achieve weekend hours will be more successful if we're all working together.

Weekend hours have actually been a focus of the DSC's advocacy efforts for several years now --I've attached a Senate bill Nick Polk wrote to supplement face-to-face meetings just to give you an example of what's been done in the past.

Although I'm not directly familiar with the negotiations regarding weekend hours, from what I've heard, Sodexho believes they would be operating at a loss if they were open on weekends and we have been unable to prove otherwise.

The Senate Bill he mentions was introduced by Nick Polk in the fall of 2007, and strongly urged Sodexo to consider offering weekend hours. Unfortunately, it wasn't passed and Sodexo clearly never got the message. So now it's time to take charge!

Don't forget. You can spend two minutes of your time and join the facebook group, sign the petition, AND email the sodexo managers!


Anonymous said...

If no one goes to the Sunday night dinners thenw what would make anyone think that they would go to anything on Saturday?

Logan said...

Oh Eric.

The day a non-binding SA resolution changes Sodexho's mind about anything is the day that the SA is an effective advocacy organization... aka never.

Zahin said...

There's a post about bringing free coffee to Gelman. A good amount of the responses involve taking the shuttle to the Vern to get some coffee from Eckles. If getting food with mandatory dining dollars was really such an issue, you'd think students would just take a trip to Ames.