Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Want Free Snacks and Coffee in Gelman for FINALS!

That's right kids. No longer can we sit idly by while Vern Kids and Eckles studiers get to enjoy their all-nighters at the final stretch of the semester drinking free coffee and eating free snacks while we who study at Gelman, the majority of students, are forced to pay for our own refreshments. It is an unfair practice, and the University needs to start providing the same services at both libraries.

Sign the Petition or Join the Facebook group to end this unfair practice- there are still 6 days until the semester is over, and if we act fast, we may be able to put enough enough pressure on the librarians so that they will start providing free coffee and snacks at Gelman.

More importantly than joining the Facebook group - TAKE ACTION by using THIS SIMPLE FORM to CONTACT GELMAN LIBRARY OFFICIALS.

With only 6 days left for the University to start providing us in Gelman with free snacks and coffee like they give kids in Eckles during finals, we must act fast!

It will not take more than five minutes of your time to join the facebook group, sign the petition, and/or take action.

The result could be free snacks and coffee for the next week! Definitely worth five minutes of your time!

If you need motivation, watch this video...(But before you do, join the Facebook group, sign the petition and take action!):

Now that you're motivated...

Send Gelman the message that we want free snacks and coffee in Gelman for FINALS!

If you need more motivation, here's another one of my favorites (psst):


Only by putting a lot of pressure on the Gelman Library in these last days can we accomplish this goal. Join the fight.


Anonymous said...

First of all: I am glad that GW Blogspot has reintroduced the Anonymous option for comments...until now I was just too lazy to register and comment but now I can :)

Second...doesn't Eckles have a hot chocolate machine or something..we should add that to Gelman.

Stephen Molldrem said...

@Anonymous: Eckles has a machine that provides coffee, hot chocolate and other drinks for free to students with cups. Good, constructive suggestion!

Tell Gelman: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cjdNRUg0THphQnlYWmxHZjBTLVpqX2c6MA..

Neha said...

That first video is pretty awesome.

Logan said...

They're just trying to lure people to the vern.

They're trying to get people to go to eckles... but they don't have to lure people to Gelman.

If you really want this, you'd be better of boycotting Gelman.

Stephen Molldrem said...

@Logan: I understand the underlying purpose of having that at the vern, but boycotting the main campus library during finals is an unrealistic goal, and could adversely affect people's grades. Providing free coffee and snacks is a realistic goal that would be easily achieved, especially since Cafe G is already there to be used for something like this. That's the rationale. Appreciate the input.

Anonymous said...

why don't you make sure that you/your parents choose to not give the "voluntary" gelman donation on the fall tuition bill..that should get some attention.

Anonymous said...


Zahin said...

I don't recall Class Council giving away free Georgetown Cupcakes at Eckles. I also don't recall seeing a Starbucks next to Eckles. With the options given to us living on the Vern, the LEAST we could ask for is to not pay that quarter to get coffee.

Also, a petition? A Facebook group? Do you REALLY think that will help considering half of the university will be done by the end of the week?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but providing free coffee in Gelman would be completely unrealistic and not a good use of the Universities' money. And Eckles is open to all students... if you want the free coffee and snacks that badly... GO to Eckles! Plus, there are only snacks there a few times a semester, not all of the time.
-Christine French-
Merriweather HP

Anonymous said...

Hi, error in your post: Ames is not open 24 hours during finals. Eckles is open 24 hours for about a week during finals. Coffee is only free during that time period, and costs 25 cents during the rest of the year. The awesome amenities offered at Eckles is provided by the part of their budget designed for such freebies. The quarters from coffee during the rest of the years pays for the free snacks during finals, as well.
The Vern Rocks.

Anonymous said...

I predict that if Gelman were giving away free coffee you would be whining about GW wasting our money....it seems that you find something to start a facebook group about and just whine.

I fully support the idea of a class about internet and politics, but this site has turned into a complaint department for whiny people. Facebook groups don't solve ANYTHING, if you have a concern address the relevant parties, don't just bitch on a blog that no one takes seriously.

And PLEASE don't send out e-mails anymore

Sean said...

It's called Cafe Gelman.

Colby Anderson said...

I would tend to agree with the idea that internet activism does not mean create a facebook group.

The internet's greatest strength is that it can close geographical distances that were supposed to prevent people from being able to realize they had the same problem, and then take action on it. There isn't a big geographical distance between the people of GW.

Furthermore, what gained some attention when you all started a group about wanting a burrito place at Jstreet is now passe. I think you have gone back to the well too many times. And I would argue that inviting your facebook friends to a group, writing a blog post about your grief, and setting up a google docs form does not really constitute internet activism.

This isn't a slight against the author, but just my observations about how this class, a type of open experiment, has progressed over the semester.

Anonymous said...

As has been said already in this thread of comments...

The snacks in Eckles are to lure people up to the Vern. Mt. Vernon does a lot of events and gives away free things just for this purpose. This isn't "unfair" to GW students who study on Foggy Bottom because all GW students have equal access to both campuses.

I don't see any "fairness" issue here. If you want free snacks here's a revolutionary idea; hop on the Vern Express and go into Eckles.

Seriously GWBlogSpot, sometimes you make good points but you seem out to lunch on this.

Anonymous said...

This is a stupid idea. Instead of getting people all riled up about snacks, how about we get the same people to petition all the empty study rooms that are reserved for graduate students are opened up in Gelman for finals?

Anonymous said...

how about fixing how crappy/packed full gelman is? coffee is right next door at 'bucks.

plus... really? you're really trying to pressure them for these last days? cmon.

Anonymous said...

This is literally the dumbest post ever on blogger history. You are jealous about something on the vern. Why dont you complain about their pool, why dont you complain about their soccer field, or their hill. You are granted the same access as everyone else. You can live the life of a vern student and take the shuttle for once to get this little 50 cent cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...


Apparently the authors of this blogspot just need to be in Gelman at the right time...

Anonymous said...

do you guys ever get sick of making facebook groups? What's next? "GW Students Breathe Too Loudly, Join The Facebook Group to get them to stop!"

Anonymous said...

Haha at the poster above me. I hate the stupid facebook groups! I gag every time I see a brand, new improved facebook group? Have these EVER worked? Did you EVER get anything you wanted through facebook groups?

Anonymous said...

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