Monday, March 1, 2010

GW Considers Increasing Size of Virginia Campus

George Washington University Executive Vice President and Treasurer Lou Katz stated that the school is currently deliberating expanding the size of its Virginia campus, hoping to transfer many of the administrative offices outside of the District. Earlier in 2009, the university moved the tax and financial aid offices to the Ashburn, Virginia campus, and hope to continue the trend in 2010. Katz outlined the reason behind the move, explaining:
We will continue to move more of the administrative functions out of Foggy Bottom and onto the Virginia campus... It also allows us more freedom for how we move people around campus. The goal of this is to create more research space, more educational space and more administrative space out there.
Although Katz is seems optimistic that the move will occur, the Board of Trustees has yet to debate the matter. The GW Hatchet expounds on the issue:
Katz said the University is not certain it will purchase the building, saying that GW is gathering additional information on the property before they make any recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The board must approve all financial decisions the University makes.
George Washington owns four buildings on the Virginia campus, which, according to the Hatchet, has increased by 25 percent in size within the calendar year.

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