Saturday, March 27, 2010

GW Students Stand Against Spam

Last week something got started, a small, obscure facebook page called “Stop the Spam GW – Keep Your Inbox Clean.” The facebook page, and the accompanying website,, advocate changing the GW Email policy to reflect the current technological climate.

Stop the Spam GW is dedicated to keeping your inbox clean. Over the years we have noticed how many useless and unimportant emails with which GW has cluttered our inboxes. For too long, students face cluttered inboxes filled with unnecessary emails from GW, we want this to stop!
Outlined in their statement of principles is to separate emergency and time sensitive information from the “fluff” the basketball games, the study abroad fairs which while important, organizers claim do not belong in the same category as university closings.

Currently, all InfoMails contain a link at the bottom of the email to the GW Email policy, however a test of this link on March 27, 2010 results in a Page Not Found. A google search for the official document title noted at the bottom of InfoMail “The George Washington University mass e-mail policy and procedure” results in a page liking to the policy, which also results in a page not found.

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