Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meghan McCain Comes to Campus...Finally

After much turmoil and postponements due to weather, Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain and acclaimed blogger came to GW to speak in the Jack Morton Auditorium at the School of Media and Public Affairs.

As I have written previously, McCain was supposed to come and speak during campus Pride Week to talk about her pro-gay marriage and gay rights stances while still being an active Republican. The College Republicans had agree to be a co-sponsor of the event until they discovered her topics, at which point they withdrew funding. Last Thursday, when she finally did come McCain as met my protests of the Young American Foundation (YAF) across the street in Kogan Plaza.

McCain spent her time on Thursday discussing the importance of civil rights and gay rights in this country. She explained her positions as a Log Cabin Republican, a republican who still supports gay rights, and separated her views from those of her father's and mother's.

“I do [support marriage equality], got that George Washington Young Republicans?”
McCain first rose to prominence during the campaign when she played an active role blogging for her father. Since then, she has been incredibly active on Twitter, including discussing this event in detail. Many blogs got the majority of their information about the event and her feelings towards the controversy directly from her tweets. She is now a staff blogger for The Daily Beast.

McCain tried to separate herself from stereotypical Republican talking heads and opinions. She tried to make her own views and personal beliefs the key, saying it is ok to be for gay rights and other Republican ideals at the same time.

P.S: On a personal note, I know it has been quite a while since I have posted due to some personal health problems and spring break. However, I am now on the mend and will be posting more frequently to make up for lost time.

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Anonymous said...

A "Log Cabin Republican" is a gay republican, not one who supports gay rights.