Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Daily Colonial?

Senioritis said he is a non-Hatchet reader, but my habits are much different. I would go as far as to say that I am a Hatchet-nerd, receiving their email-updates and checking the website frequently between Monday and Thursday. It is my experience that many students at GW do the same. Because of my appreciation for the Hatchet, I started contributing to its Opinions section last month.*

Then what is the “Daily Colonial?” As a junior, I only just heard about it because a friend began doing photography for them. After checking out their website, they explain that the online paper was founded in 2004 to fill the need for daily information.

Doesn't the Hatchet already do the same thing? The Hatchet may only be printed twice a week, but they update news daily.

The paper also boasts being linked to USA Today. A fun fact, maybe, but that still doesn’t prove its journalistic standards.

Upon closer inspection, the daily paper seems to actually be turning out fewer articles than their rival.

Don't get me wrong--I'm glad there is more than one news outlet on campus, even if some are more popular than others. But, if the Daily Colonial wants to gain more readership, it should try to bring something different to the table, and fill the "niche" it says it does.

* Disclaimer: Although I do contribute to the Hatchet's opinions page, I am in no way am speaking on behalf of the Hatchet.

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Anonymous said...

Okay honestly, people who work for one campus media outlet need to stop criticizing other campus media outlets with stupid things like "they don't post as many stories as we do." That's not a real media critique! The only real critique on this site so far has been Eric's critique of WRGW News, even if most of it was later disproved.