Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's the Real News?

This semester I became a Hatchet reader. While reading, I have been asked if many people actually read the Hatchet. I usually say yes, but after the past few issues, I am more inclined to say no. Building off of Senioritis' post, The Hatchet has more work to do than just add more details to its stories. How about add some pertinent stories that concern the undergraduate population? Especially those revolving around the Student Association, who should have an impact on students.

This week's issue featured another form of social media to stalk people. They reported the Student Association's recruitment of GoodCrush, "a public online forum where users can write messages to their crushes in the hopes of discovering mutual attraction." The S.A. brought GoodCrush to GW, to allow students to reach their crushes without having to face embarrassment of rejection.

I use the word impact lightly when describing the S.A.'s importance. Most Hatchet reports merely report penalties from the JEC or the winner of the election. But what is the S.A. doing for us? An article like GoodCrush just makes the Student Association even less important in students' lives. Why should students care about what the S.A. does when the Hatchet shows a ridiculous announcement made.

In light of recent elections, I'll cut the Hatchet some slack when it comes to highlighting candidates, but throughout the year, there has been minimal information on the accomplishments made. The new constitution? That's a big deal, maybe not to most students, but Hatchet writers need to write to them, and make them understand why it is important.

Hatchet: please let us know what the Student Association is actually accomplishing this year. It might actually make students take the organization more seriously in the first place.


Anonymous said...

If they aren't accomplishing anything, is there anything to report? Lack of progress is a story, but they've covered that a few times already this year.

Anonymous said...

I find it epic laughs that GW Blogspot loves to criticize the Hatchet, which it is more than right to do, but is too lazy to do any reporting of its own.