Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meghan McCain: Redefining Republicans on the Web and Coming to GW

Meghan McCain , daughter of Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, will be coming to GW to speak on February 9th. The blogger, who prides herself on redefining the Republican Party for a new and younger generation, will be speaking on gay marriage rights.

The speech, “Redefining Republican: No Labels, No Boxes, No Stereotypes," being sponsored by Allied in Pride, is the keynote event for Marriage Equality Week. There are 200 first come first serve seats available to students in the Jack Morton Amphitheatre.
"She's a different type of Republican," said Michael Komo, president of Allied in Pride. "We thought her input would be helpful on the subject of marriage and the future of the GOP.
Ms. McCain rose to national prominence during the 2008 presidential election campaigning for her father and through her blog MccainBlogette. While no longer updated, she now blogs for The Daily Beast. Her blog during the campaign involved not only campaign stories but things like fashion and pop culture. That coupled with her unique republican views on policy made her a very visible individual. We are very lucky to have her come speak at GW.

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