Sunday, January 31, 2010

US Institute of Peace Offers Unique Opportunity

A few days ago while at work, I spoke with an alumni that didn't like GW because of it's extremely urban campus. He claimed that he didn't like how the campus was immersed in downtown DC and had a city street running through every part of campus. Clearly he is entitled to his opinion, but I think most GW would say that very aspect is what makes the University such a unique school. We're not Georgetown, but by being centrally located to all of the government agencies, think tanks, research centers, etc. is what I think gives us an advantage.

The Hatchet highlighted the addition of yet another prestigious addition to the Foggy Bottom community coming in the spring on 2011. The Institute of Peace will move to 23rd and Constitution Avenue giving GW students interested in politics and international affairs another opportunity to take advantage of.

USIP Director of Public Affairs Lauren Sucher said in the article:

"Our building is something people are going to enter into and immediately
interact with and do these simulations, therefore the new building is more
than a monument, it's a statement saying we as Americans think peace is so
important, we are putting it in this place of honor."

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