Sunday, January 31, 2010

FoBoGro Finally to Open

Although it took months of negotiations, FoBoGro seems poised to finally open its doors. Located on 2140 F St., only a few blocks down from Thurston Hall, FoBoGro is a self-described "one-stop-shop with a unique product selection, delicious take out, convenient online ordering options, and a fun community vibe." Although FoBoGro, owned by GW alumnus Kris Hart, was supposed to open back in November, the West End Citizen's Association delayed the opening by protesting that FoBoGro would break a rule forbidding the sale of prepared food on that block. However Hart denies the legitimacy of the rule, stating:
I guess she [Barbara Kahlow, the secretary of the West End Citizen's Association] thinks she knows more about zoning laws than the District of Columbia and the Board of Zoning Adjustment, because I've received three different certificates of occupancy.
Less than a week ago, the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) sided with Hart, voting 4-0 to allow FoBoGro to open. Yet Kahlow intends to fight the decision, according to the GW Hatchet:
Kahlow said at the meeting that she plans to challenge the city government and the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment at the next BZA meeting Feb. 23. Despite Kahlow's disapproval, the ANC commissioners put forth a motion to support the idea and concept behind the Foggy Bottom Grocery, passing a resolution 4-0. Two commissioners, Florence Harmon and Commission Chairman Armando Irizarry, abstained from voting.

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