Sunday, January 17, 2010

Professors Drag Their Feet with Final Grades

I am not one to be a critical voice of the University or its professors, but the recent GW Hatchet article regarding professors who have still yet to submit final grades from last semester is appalling. According to the article, grades for more than 400 classes have not yet been posted to University's Banner online information system.

The article fails to mention what the University policy actually is - which in my opinion is a major fault of the writer. However, GW's grading policy states that all grades are to be submitted within five working days after the final examination or the last class meeting. That policy was altered slightly due to unforeseen circumstances the article states:
For the fall 2009 semester, the deadline to submit grades was extended from Dec. 21 to Dec. 30 because of the massive snowstorm that dumped nearly 18 inches of snow on D.C. Nevertheless, Amundson said, not all grades were in before the deadline.

Seventeen days later, it is absolutely inexcusable that presumably hundreds if not thousands of students are still left with out final grades. Many of these could be seniors who are graduating a semester early and still left in limbo as they begin the already stressful job application process. While this is the first time it has gotten media attention, I can attest from personal experience that it is not a one time deal. It's time professors are held accountable for being irresponsible with students grades. If policies are in place, its time they are enforced. GW claims to be a top-notch institution, it's time it starts acting like one.

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