Sunday, January 31, 2010

So What is a Provost Anyway?

The university has narrowed its' search for the next provost down to five finalists who will all be coming to campus for more interviews over the next two weeks. A provost or chief academic officer, 2nd in command to university President Knapp, assists in running the school especially in academic capacities. Before he became president, Mr. Knapp was provost at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Out of the 200 applicants President Knapp interviewed 23 personally and from there narrowed his list.
"It's important for candidates to visit our campuses so they can better understand the University and interact with representatives of all its constituents, including students," Knapp said in an e-mail. "In this second round, candidates go through a very rigorous schedule, meeting dozens of people, so they can answer their questions about us, and we can take a close and careful look at them."
As a student body we will be represneted by elected SA officials in the selection. process but not be directly involved. It is important we pay attention. While the president may set the direction of the university and and help decide funding, it is the provost who not only helps implement strategies but gives academic advice. Additionally, this provost will be in charge of finding 3 new deans for the School of Business, the School of Public Health and Health Services, and the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. Filling this position is very important for the university and hopefully they will select someone who looks out for student's interests first and foremost.

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