Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drinking for Haiti?

On January 15, The Daily Colonial reported that two GW students had decided to fundraise money for the recent Haiti catastrophe in an untraditional way--drinking. The seniors, Chris Reeves and Dave Roberts, decided on local campus bar 51st State as the hot spot for their cause.

How does one drink for Haiti? Well according to the article, Reeves and Roberts planned to
accept any drinks that other people buy for them, promising to drink the drink
and donate twice the cost of the drink to relief efforts in Haiti.

A Facebook group was made to promote the event,
inviting friends to come out, have a great time, get us hilariously drunk, and
support a good cause.

Reeves and Roberts aren't the only two at the university contributing towards Haiti relief. President Knapp has issued a message about the tragedy, and student organizations are doing their best to respond to the earthquake disaster as well. Even GW's Carribean Student Association has made a twitter account, GWHands4Haiti, to broadcast information.

As the week continues on, other GW initiatives towards Haitian relief efforts are sure to emerge. Will you drink for Haiti?

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