Sunday, January 31, 2010

D.C. is still a city

My GMail inbox might start putting GW InfoMail into my spam box if I get anymore "Crime Alerts." Recently I've noticed there have been more crime emails from the school about thefts and minor assaults. However, my normal blase attitude towards InfoMail has changed somewhat after an acquaintance of mine was robbed last week.
She was walking to the movie theater in Georgetown when a man ripped her iPhone out of hand and ran down the street. She later told me how startled and simultaneously surprised she was considering the amount of people around.
Her incident was very similar to one described in an InfoMail from January 19:
Two male subjects approached a female who was talking on her cell phone, and one of the subjects bumped into her while the other subject grabbed her cell phone out of her hand and fled down the escalator toward the Metro. The other subject fled the area toward Pennsylvania Ave.
After talking about it with other friends, I have realized how comfortable we have become in this city that we no longer "fear the city" or think anything can happen to us. I'm glad I don't own an iPhone when I'm out, but crime is not discriminatory based on phone brands.

No matter what year you are at GW- be careful, D.C. is still a city.

(After spending my first summer in D.C., I subscribed to AlertDC- a text messaging service run by the city about emergencies. It's very helpful and customizable to only alert you about your area.)

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