Saturday, January 30, 2010


As someone who is graduating in May, I do not know what to think of GW anymore, nothing the administration does surprises me. Changes to J Street, I live off campus and have not eaten on a GWorld card in two years; mandatory spending, just deal with it since there is nothing you are going to do about the contract; lack of study space, just find somewhere else to work; and the list goes on.

Maybe what Rice Hall is trying to do is teach all the students that despite your tuition and fees, and other GW related expenses coming close to a quarter million dollars for a four year GW career, it does not matter how much you complain because you, the student, need to be more self-sufficient and solve the problems on your own. If this means using your mandatory spending at J Street it might just mean that you need to get a lot of water bottles or other snacks to meet the minimum if you do not want to eat from the vendor they chose to install.

Many students choose to get involved in student organizations, some get really involved n the SA, the group which has been so often described as a group of students pretending to play government. In the end all they do is sit there and pass non-binding resolutions and get some articles in the Hatchet (which I do not read) and posts on this blog, are they really speaking for the students when they are kept by university leaders from exercising any real authority.

Student Organizations have trouble getting space to hold meetings and events, instead of complain about the lack of space or the cost to use what is available groups should look for alternatives outside of GW whose space you can use, or whose groups you can join. Organizations need to follow a long list of regulations in order to operate as an official student organization. Since my Freshman year, I have been involved in off campus organizations and have found the experiences I gain from those activities and what I learn from the people there to be better in many cases than the GW student organizations to which I belong.

As for me, I am just apathetic by now, there is nothing I care about that much. I graduate in May, am on my way out the door, and for all the underclassman who are bothered by the poor food selections, lack of study space, or unjust student organization funding, just wait it out, because despite the high price tag this is only four years and you will survive the latest “GW injustice” which you are forced to suffer.

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