Sunday, January 31, 2010

Halfway to Service Hours Mark

Thursday's announcement that GW is a little over halfway to Michelle Obama's challenge of 100,000 community service hours is uplifting and alarming at the same time. 56,748 hours of service to the DC area is a real testament to the lengths we students will go to help others. Or at least it shows that we really want the First Lady to speak at Commencement in May.

However, with 43,252 hours yet to be completed, and three and half months left to complete them, I am beginning to wonder whether or not we will make it. Not hitting the 100,000 mark would be an embarrassment to the school, we as students, and the First Lady. I hope the university promotes more designated days of service to encourage everyone to stop studying or partying to spend a few hours doing some good for the community. And as someone who should have done more last semester, I pledge to contribute more to reaching the goal. All of you should as well.

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