Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Follow Up On The Stormy Advising Front

In lieu of The Hatchet’s most recent article on one GWU parent’s discovery of an advising nightmare, GWU should probably take a hard close look at fixing this debacle. From what I’ve noticed, GWU is facing an all time, record breaking high in undergraduate applicants for the upcoming fall.

It was mentioned that the factors that play the ultimate role in advising young students who are new to the college scene, is care and concern, with which I couldn’t agree more. It appears these essential factors have been noticeably falling by the wayside on the advising front, particularly at the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

Coming from a very different perspective, being in the final stages of my undergraduate education myself, but still new to The George Washington University, even I feel a bit small and lost in getting used to such a new and vigorous environment. This made me wonder how a freshman could possibly feel! If the one thing a freshman can not count on is his or her academic advisement, what do they have? My only hope, is that come fall 2010, GWU will have attempted some fundamental changes in order to successfully take on the record breaking numbers of incoming freshman. If not, the number up disappointed students and parents will only increase at rapid speed.

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