Thursday, February 11, 2010

After The Storm Has Passed...

After witnessing someone in the street come surprisingly close to being demolished this morning by a car spinning out of control, I thought it necessary to highlight some very obvious pointers to those traveling not only through campus but the city and surrounding areas.

1. Be cautious of streets/intersections that usually have two lanes...many of them temporarily have only one lane, and several I've discovered force many to merge into oncoming traffic to get through.

2. Most sidewalks have not been touched; therefore pedestrians are forced to use the streets. Be very cautious, the ridiculous amount of slush/snow left in the streets puts many at risk of slipping and falling, since most means of traveling by foot is unavailable. Also, cars can easily spin out of control and start gliding in crazy directions, so pedestrians should be very cautious of cars too.

3. Remember, anywhere you see water and melting snow, will most definitely turn into black ice at night making walking and driving conditions very dangerous.

4. Don't forget to take advantage of the snow days and have fun!

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