Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Fans!

Its Superbowl Sunday! For my first Superbowl in the US I was pretty excited to going to a Superbowl Party and watching the game with some American's. However some weather issues, that you may have noticed, has meant that could be a little tricky... For those of you stuck inside and have decided to have a makeshift party The Hatchet have some Superbowl themed snack recipes.

Where ever I end up watching the game I am still looking forward to the same things, beer, football and most importantly American enthusiasm. As a 'Brit' I was introduced to the game by an American friend who had moved to London. He used to take me to a sports cafe that would stay open late and show the games. When I first started going I really had no idea how the game worked, giving me time to just watch the crowds in the bar. They were amazing! So passionate and so excited. Americans know how to get behind their teams and that is what makes watching Superbowl so enjoyable.

I thought I'd show a few examples of some passionate fans as a build up to the game...

Also on a different note I read an article on an interesting ad that was going to be played during the game. Keep an eye out for it and hope you enjoy the day as much as I will!

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