Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm On a Board Mother F*cker

I just happened to stumble across this irreverent video produced by the GW Law Review 2010. It's a parody of The Lonely Island's Grammy-nominated"I'm On a A Boat", which has reached YouTube legend status since it premiered on Saturday Night Live in February of 2009. It's pretty funny, mostly for it's tool-ishness and the amount of effort the cast put into it. After taking a look at the YouTube page of the user who uploaded the video, it seems the person has made dozens of these types of videos filmed in the GW Law School. Most have only a handful of views, but some are worth a look if you have a sense of humor that leans towards the irreverent, gross, or satirical. Warning: Language is NSFW in most of the videos.


Anonymous said...

law revue is an annual skit show put on every year by law school students mocking their classmates, themselves, and our liberty and freedom. who knew law students could sing and dance too?

Daniel Wright said...

Absolutely Hilarious

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