Friday, February 12, 2010

The Mystery of GW Mail

Of course, the big news this week was GW shutting down due to the second (or third if you count December’s) snowpocalypse—classes cancelled, academic buildings shut down, Gelman operating on partial hours. Some buildings did remain open though, hot spots like Hell Well and the Fishbowl.

Among the closed sectors of the university was GW’s Package Services, the central portal where all GW students living on campus have packages shipped. After the first storm, I ordered snow boots, and they were scheduled to arrive this past Wednesday, when we got our second dose of snow. I figured their arrival would be delayed. How could anyone sign for them at Package Services if it was closed?

Surprisingly, after following my boots’ UPS tracking number, it said the boots were successfully delivered and signed for on Thursday; yet upon calling the university’s concierge service, they informed me that Package Services was indeed closed. So did packages still get successful delivered , but students fail to receive delivery notification?

And what about all of the other mail? I haven’t received mail in my dorm since last Thursday, while friends living off-campus have received mail. Why isn’t GW’s mail system as effective?

Did you experience any headaches not receiving mail/packages this past week?

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Anonymous said...

USPS says my package was received 2 days ago, and yet I still haven't gotten word from Package services that they've received it.