Sunday, February 14, 2010

A President Who Will Fight

Finally we have a president who will fight for us. One who will stare down the enemy. One who will never accept defeat. No, I'm not talking about Barack Obama. I'm talking about GW President Steve Knapp. With four days without classes, and plenty of snow, it was only natural that dozens, if not hundreds, of snowball fights occurred. On Wednesday, GW battled Georgetown in one of the bigger fights during Snowpocalypse. It was over before it started.

With over 200 Colonials showing up, the approximately 75 Georgetown students never stood a chance. As President Knapp was surely one of the few administrators left on campus, it was good to see him trek to the snowball fight and join the students in victory.

Knapp has tried to become a more visible presence on campus this year, helping students during the fall move-in and joining in on the official days of service that have occurred during the year. My message to President Knapp is simple: Keep It Up.

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