Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back to Business

Now that the snow is behind us, and in most cases still underfoot, DC and GW can finally get back to normal. Although we are expecting more snow on President’s Day Monday, it is already a University Holiday and there will be no more days off for snow, at least this week.

The makeup schedule (below) is announced and will probably cause at least a little bit controversy as it takes away reading days and moves classes from Thursday, February 11 to Saturday May 1. But this is what is expected, there is nowhere else to makeup the classes, and what each individual professor does with his or her classes is the decision of each professor.

Monday, Feb. 8, canceled classes to be held on Tuesday, April 27 (Regular Makeup Day);
Tuesday, Feb. 9, canceled classes to be held on Thursday, April 29 (Reading Day 1);
Wednesday, Feb. 10, canceled classes to be held on Friday, April 30 (Reading Day 2);
Thursday, Feb. 11, canceled classes to be held on Saturday, May 1.

Snowmageddon is over, Snowmageddon II is past, it is now time for the city and the university to get back to normal before graduation is moved.

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