Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Financial Impact of the Historic Snowfall

I was not really aware of it but apparently the District was hit with a lot of snow recently, and although the storm is over, George Washington University is still feeling the effects. According to the GW Hatchet, the University could very well spend "into [the] six-figure range" attempting to clean up after the historic snowfall. As the GW Hatchet reports:
each storm costs between $50,000 and $100,000 to clean up due to overtime labor costs for facilities crew members and the use of necessary equipment and supplies to clear sidewalks and pathways.
DC, which only receives on average about 17 inches of snow a year, was generally unprepared for the upwards of 50 inches of snow and, for the most part, completely shutdown. The massive snow has also forced the University to "divert funds from other areas" to pay for the arduous task of removing the snow. Executive Vice President and Treasurer Lou Katz stated that the money will most likely come from a source such as one that is used "to replace sidewalks" and make other minor infrastructure changes, and, on a whole, will not be noticed by the student body.

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