Sunday, April 12, 2009

BREAKING: SMPA Behind In New Media!

See update below...

The GW Hatchet recently published an article discussing the Business School's use of new media and social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook.
Visitors to the GW School of Business Web page can now follow academic events and updates using Twitter and Facebook, making it the latest GW school to join the social networks.
Now, most of the time when a post on GW Blogspot starts with " The GW Hatchet," one would assume that criticism is soon to follow. Not today! The bone I wish to pick is with the School of Media and Public Affairs! (Collective gasp!)

No but really, the Business School Tweets, but SMPA doesn't? The Elliot School has over 700 followers on Twitter! SMPA has nadda.

To be fair, I wouldn't describe myself as a fan of Twitter. My only tweeting experience is making an account for the sole purpose to tweet "#endtwitter" in hopes that I could destroy the monster from the inside - this was unsuccessful.

I just think it is rather ironic that the School of Media and Public Affairs, an institution which teaches the grand art of blogging and twittery has fallen to the Business and Elliot Schools in the "look at me I'm so hip and networked" internet-fad race.

To give the SMPA some interweb street cred, they do have a YouTube Channel and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -- no 6 Facebook groups!

This section features the School of Media and Public Affairs' multi-media and social networking links. Missed an event featuring a high-profile speaker at the SMPA? Be sure to visit our YouTube site for the latest video highlights. Looking to connect with fellow classmates or faculty? Current students, faculty, and alumni are invited to join our five Facebook networking sites.

SMPA on YouTube
JMC Facebook
PCM Facebook
Master's Facebook
Faculty Facebook
Alumni Facebook
Graduate Alumni Facebook

The SMPA is a small, but proud school of political and media junkies. I know that I speak for all of SMPA when I say that we're embarassed. Tweeting is the way of the future and now we are stuck in the past.

UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, it turns out that SMPA does tweet. Yes, I know what you're thinking - this article is now pointless. But wait! Why isn't the twitter mentioned anywhere on the SMPA website. I would say a fitting place would be under the social networking and link section. Just an idea!

You can get all the SMPA tweets here:

This post was written by a Sophomore in the SMPA and may be considered sarcastic when read in context.


jorge said...

SMPA does tweet...

Evan Miller said...

Thank you for pointing this out. I have updated the post. However, I'm still a little concerned that this tweet feed has not been publicized at all. Where did you find out about it?