Sunday, April 5, 2009

WAIT WAIT! One more thing!

I'm going to complain about one more thing: Tourists in my areas. Specifically, tourists in my food places. Especially the campus dining places. If I want a good meal, I'll go some place. But if I want a quick meal, I go to Ivory Tower or J Street.

I guess what my point is, if you don't have a GWorld to pay with, GO AWAY! You're just holding me up. Seriously.

Now I'm done.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Most self-centered comment I think I ever read. I'm a GW student, but pay by credit card, less of a hassle than messing with GWorld money. Sorry to inconvince you *rolls eyes*.

You seriously can't wait the 2 added seconds it takes for someone to pay by cash? And if you're complaining about people using a credit card, then that's not even an argument considering it takes the same amount of time to process a credit card as it does the GWorld (considering they're essentially the same thing).

But ignore all of my aforementioned reasoning, the main issue here is: Who are you to say who can and cannot eat at these places and pay by whatever method they choose to?

Now I see why GW has a snobbish reputation. Grow up.