Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank You Letter, Part Deux

Thank you, GW, for providing me and my classmates with ample space to conduct class meetings late at night. Your consideration for college students who have late night work sessions, or even all-nighters, is very much appreciated.

I mean, why have a few large spaces open for classes to work around-the-clock, when you can squish them into the sardine cans in Gelman? Certainly no need to create larger 24-hour study spaces in Gelman during future renovations -- those box-rooms are perfect. And what about when the classes are simply too big to fit? Just send them on over to the basement of a Greek house. They're pretty big.

Or better yet, challenge the classes to sneak into the Marvin Center or Duques. Nothing beats a showdown between building administration and tired college students who just want to get a project done. Other than pulling all-nighters with class, my favorite thing to do is fight for the right to do the necessary work in a classroom with white boards and Internet access. It's awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Yea, there's really nothing better than walking around every floor of Gelman trying to find a study room.